3 Important Factors You Need To Consider For Accessory Dwelling Units In Los Angeles

Accessory Dwelling Units In Los Angeles

Are you planning to enhance the livability of your property with an ADU addition? A backyard cottage or granny flat is a great choice to make a steady rental income and leverage space on the property. But you need to keep some essential elements in mind while planning for an ADU that can increase its resale value. Check whether you have considered these 4 essential things of Accessory Dwelling Units in Los Angeles before starting the remodeling!

  1. Privacy

Privacy plays a vital role while you consider doors, windows along other openings. Depending on property layout and use case, it is necessary to determine the visual separation level between the new unit and main home to meet the privacy factor. In this way, you can use your ADU for a long-term need.

  1. Daylight

Whatever you keep in the surroundings, you must ensure whether the ADU is getting sufficient light from a minimum of 2 directions. While placing the window, you need to consider the energy use and impacts on your comfort. For example, it is important to check which exposure can provide ambient, enjoyable, and warm light to your room.

  1. Plumbing blocks

Plumbing is a major factor to determine the quality and design of Accessory Dwelling Units. The contractor has to optimize “plumbing blocks” correctly. For this purpose, it is necessary to check if sewage piping is done properly in bathrooms, kitchens, and other appliances and rooms. Proper alignment is important to decrease plumbing span length. So, we, the experts of Katalan, try to avoid unnecessary dead-ends so that most plumbing walls can be used.

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