4 Important Things You Must Know About ADU in Simi Valley

ADU in Simi Valley

In today’s economic instability, everyone wants to make some extra income. If you want to fulfill this need in a hassle-free way from your existing property, ADU can be an excellent option because you may raise the value of your property up to 30%! ADUs have their own separate entrance, living area and kitchen. They are found in the adjacent area of a garage or your house. Recently in the U.S., alterations in zoning in different areas are increasing the demand for ADUs. But before going with this, you need to know some basic FAQs regarding ADU in Simi Valley.

Do you know the cost?

The cost of ADU building can vary according to designs, materials requirements, and contractors. Additionally, you need to also consider the tax bill of your home-it may reduce your rental income! In the U.S., the cost of ADU can vary between $162 and $682 per square foot.

Do you fulfill these basic requirements?

If you want to make an ADU in Simi Valley, your living area should be 150 sq. ft. additionally, you may need to give access to your kitchen, and however, the ADU rules and kitchen requirements can vary according to the location. In this case, you need to consult Simi Valley’s administration of community development and housing. Do not forget to consult a licensed contractor who is aware of local ADU requirements and zoning rules of Simi Valley.

How to finance?

To finance your ADU, firstly evaluate your situation properly; based on this, you can go for a loan for your property renovation, using available liquid money or refinancing while you have equity in your home.

The above brief discussion may help build ADU. For further information, you may go to the official website of Katalan. co.

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